Boracay Island

Beach Girl

Your piece of freedom in paradise:

White beaches Boracay is an extremely fitting name to the many beaches around the tranquil, beautiful island of Boracay.

The white sand is blindingly present on all the beaches, as your feet squeak with each step as you walk across the fine powdery white sand, enjoy the sand caressing between your toes.
This is the ultimate place to go barefoot and enjoy the casual laid back life style.

The turquoise waters surrounding the white beaches Boracay are crystal clear and are as inviting as a lovers embrace.
 The moment you dangle your feet into the crystal clear waters of Boracay beaches you know you are somewhere special.

The water is gloriously warm and transforming, driving the stresses from your pent up city existence. 

Boracay Birds View

Where is Boracay Island:

Boracay is an island in the Western Visayas Region or Region 6. It is the most western island in the Western Visayas and can be found in the province of Aklan.
It has borders to the north with the island province of Romblon and Mindoro to the North West.
Boracay island itself lies off the north - west tip of the island of Panay.

The island is shaped like a large dogs bone and is only seven kilometers long and one kilometer wide at it’s most narrow point.

The ends of Boracay Island have rolling hills that meet cliffs that have been battered by the ocean for years on end, between these cliffs are quiet secluded beaches. 

Boracay Google Earth

Beaches on Boracay:

The beaches of Boracay are spread all around the island.
They can be divided into two basic areas, the beaches on the eastern shore or windward side of Boracay and the western side which is the leeward side of the island.
The western side beaches are sheltered from the wind during High Season and are ideal for lazing around.
This is where the World famous White Beach Boracay is located. The most popular area, where the majority of accommodation, restaurants and activities can be found.