Cafe Del Mar

Cafe Del Mar has some of the most romantic private seating area available on White Beach. The comfortable hammock type chairs are arranged in a semi circle facing out towards the sea, giving your group an intimate setting. The music is a relaxing Mediterranean Cafe Del Mar style. 

Exit Bar

Exit Bar and Boom Boom Bar are next to each other and share the same beach area. They are a native style beach bar featuring live music and jam sessions in driftwood chairs and beanbag seating's directly on the beach. The music is a Reggae, Caribbean, Aboriginal and Philippine mix in a Bob Marley type atmosphere.  

Club Paraw

Club Paraw is the happening place from sunset to early morning. There are chill beach seating areas , a two bars and table seating under a huge Bamboo roof, and a dance floor that gets packed late night, fuelled by live DJ`s and reasonably priced drinks. 

Juice Bar

"Juice" is located in the Plazoleta, a small arts and crafts and boutique shop area with sand flooring. It has a live DJ playing RnB/Dance music. It's a hip younger crowd later at night, and the party and dancing at times explodes onto the footpath and plaza area. There are plenty of seatings in the bar area at the front, a sand seating area with bean bag chairs in the center, and tables at the rear. 

Club Galaxy

This is DISCO. There is a DJ playing dance/hip hop/rock/house music, and a large dance floor that gets a great crowd going. There is a main bar at the front, a side bar at the back.

Epic Bar

The IN Bar. Located at the Beach in front of D' Mall.